Once upon a time there was a marketing businesswoman and former U.S. Marine. They met, fell in love and… the rest is history the future.

Our son Marcelo was born March 2019 and like most new parents, we were in the thick of it! Those 3 AM breastfeedings and sleepless nights turned into long conversations, lots of jokes, and serious discussions about the state of the world. As fast as our son was growing - so were the issues in the world.

Political unrest, civil injustice, religion and race under attack, people losing their lives…and then COVID - exactly one year after his birth.

We will never forget celebrating his first birthday at the 'happiest place on Earth' (Walt Disney World) and seeing the world go from light to dark, shutting down due to the pandemic quarantine. It was the longest 3-hour drive home, listening to the news that Disney would shut down indefinitely. It felt surreal.
The year ahead was filled with confusion, fear, loss, frustration for so many people around the world. For us, it became a year of reflection. What world were we bringing our son into? What were we doing to change it? And there it was, an idea that was put on a shelf 2 years prior was brought back to light – now was the time. So, we put our respective businesses on cruise control and put this project into overdrive. 

We felt a shift in perspective was needed in the world. That’s the definition of a starsoul… someone who has evolved and chosen to be of service to humanity at a particular time.

That’s where we find ourselves and it’s a family affair, our 2-year-old even drew our star logo (with a little help from mum and dad). We are a small family and small business hoping to make a big impact one t-shirt at a time, changing the world with you.


Sandra is a seasoned marketing pro with over 20 years experience working in entertainment, pop culture & sports marketing. Julio is a former U.S. Marine serving 2 tours overseas returning home to become a successful entrepreneur owning a boxing gym and juicery cafe among other businesses. Collectively, they have donated over $500,000 to charities but felt compelled to do more as business partners - enter starsoul

Today, Julio leads finances and logistics, Sandra handles all operations including marketing, branding and outreach. While Sandra continues her work in marketing consulting, they both manage to put starsoul as a priority in their life.

They escape to Disney every chance they get and care for their adopted rescue Ellie.

@sanjacquemin @usmcvillarreal