common questions

We are proud to be Female & Military-owned.


When will my t-shirt ship?

All t-shirts ship by the first week of the month. (or following business day, if it falls on a Sunday/Holiday).

We ship all packages via United States Postal Service (USPS). Your package should arrive within 2-3 days, provided there are no delays. You will receive an e-mail as soon as your package is processed by the Post Office. Please note, if they are experiencing delays, we appreciate your patience.

When will I be billed?

Once you subscribe, you will be billed for your first shipment and then the 22nd of every month thereafter.

I have a question, who do I contact about my order?

If you encounter any issues, we are here to help. Send us an e-mail to so we can try to make it right.

How do I care for my starsoul t-shirts? 

We suggest you wash all shirts inside out with cold water. Hang drying is preferred, but if you’ re in a rush – always tumble low delicate cycle.

I have an idea for a charity or t-shirt design, how can I share?

We’d love to hear your ideas, that's how we grow and change the world together. Please e-mail our team with your suggestions or send us a note here.


Do you have Instagram?

Yes we do, click here to open.


I didn’t receive my subscription, what do I do?

Every time your order ships, a tracking number is sent via e-mail. we suggest you first double check your USPS provided tracking information; shipping can take up to 7 to 10 days. If it still doesn't show up, contact us at and our team is happy to help!


How can I change my shirt size for future subscriptions?

The world changer tee gives you the opportunity to adjust your t-shirt size. After receiving your first package, please contact us by the 20th of the month via e-mail if would like to size up or down. If you decide to adjust your t-shirt size, we'll update the size for future deliveries.


Do you offer discounts?

Due to the nature of our business model, we donate 100% of the proceeds to charities around the world. We want to maximize that donation, so we do not currently offer discounts.


How can my organization get involved with starsoul?

Contact us at if you are involved with a non-profit organization that would like to partner with starsoul. Or fill out the form here.


Do we ship internationally?

While our donations support global organizations and causes, we do not yet ship internationally.


I just signed up but why didn't I get the design released this month.
When you sign-up, your first shirt will always be the #worldchanger tee, no matter the month. Thereafter you'll receive the t-shirt of the month. 


Can I purchase past designs?
We will announce sales via social media, so make sure to follow us! 


What is your return policy?

Due to the donation-based nature of our business, all sales are final. We want you to be 100% happy so please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your subscription.


I want to cancel my subscription, what do I do?

We are so sad to see you go, but you can cancel your subscription at any time before the 20th of the month by e-mail